About Us

Paul Pierce

For over 20 years, PAUL PIERCE has been investigating employment discrimination complaints as a member of the Civil Rights Division of the Kansas City Human Relations Department. PAUL began his career with the City as a fair housing investigator, charged with enforcement of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, otherwise known as the Fair Housing Act. Having proven himself to his colleagues and managers, PAUL was assigned to investigate employment discrimination complaints, in addition to housing and public accommodations complaints. Over time, PAUL has gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of civil rights enforcement. PAUL has attended a number of training sessions offered by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and has even been a presenter at a national conference of EEOC staff and other state and local agencies. PAUL has also conducted employment discrimination training for local employers and employment agencies, business owners, union representatives and members and neighborhood and civic groups. Property managers, business owners, government officials and everyday citizens have contacted PAUL to seek professional guidance and counsel in his areas of expertise. PAUL exhibits the uncanny ability to not only analyze issues from a legal perspective, but does so in a way that is practical and applicable to the situation at hand.

It is that practical approach that led PAUL to become certified as a mediator, to marry the legal with the practical to achieve results. Those who know PAUL will say the subject matter knowledge he possess, coupled with the practical skill set of the mediator, makes someone like him valuable to any organization. PAUL is quick to let mediation participants know his role is to assist them in resolving conflict, rather than telling them what to do. Giving participants a role in conflict resolution gives them a sense of ownership over the conflict resolution process and the achievement of the ultimate goal of resolution. While no one can guarantee a specific conflict will be resolved, PAUL encourages participants to work as hard as they can to identify areas of agreement and conflict. Even when conflict exists, PAUL has shown the ability to work with participants through sources of conflict, put aside personal differences and achieve a measure of success.

RPM Consulting, LLC is the result of PAUL’s experience as an investigator, trainer, mediator and consultant. Every business, every organization, every person experiences conflict. No one can prevent conflict from arising. However, PAUL PIERCE and RPM Consulting, LLC are available to: (1) identify issues that can result in conflict; (2) provide training before and when conflict arises; (3) competently investigate issues when they arise; (4) serve as mediator to resolve conflict; and (5) provide consultation to minimize future conflict.