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Workplace Mediations – RPM Consulting

Workplace Mediations

RPM Consulting conducts mediation of internal matters, when appropriate, which reduces clients’ costs of investigation and possible litigation of Title VII complaints.

Workplace Mediation offers important benefits to employers and employees alike. It provides fast, creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions. When a dispute is mediated shortly after it arises, the chances of optimal resolution are much greater: the parties’ differences have not had a chance to fester, the situation is generally more fluid, and the parties have more resolution options available to them. Mediated resolutions work better and last longer than authoritatively imposed resolutions because everyone involved has a stake and buys into them. Moreover, mediation fosters mutual respect through improved communication, and can mend and preserve frayed working relationships even when the parties are extremely hurt and angry.

Mediation within the workplace generally looks very different from mediation within the context of litigation. The primary goal of workplace mediation is to leave the parties better able to work together. Traditional “settlement conferences,” in which the mediator separates the parties and shuttles back and forth between them, often will not be adequate to this task; the parties will need to work through their differences together.

How To Make Mediation Effective

  • Recognize that mediation can be an effective conflict resolution process
  • Mediation is not for all situations and employees
  • Mediation needs to be voluntary
  • Mediation needs to be facilitated by someone who is patient, able to remain neutral and trusted by the parties

Why Choose RPM Consultants for Your Mediation

  • We will review the process, expectations and lay ground rules for participants
  • We will emphasize the importance of listening and respecting the other person’s feelings and opinions
  • Threats are not tolerated
  • Costs less and saves time so parties can move ahead with their lives and get past their current conflict in the most effective, efficient and satisfying manner
  • Our compliance and satisfaction with mediated agreements are significantly higher than other dispute resolution processes
  • We help maintain confidentiality and the privacy of mediation.  Allowing parties to feel safe in disclosing information relating to their conflict.
  • Scheduling is flexible to the parties’ needs for convenience.
  • We allow for positions, attitudes and viewpoints to be transformed as communication and shared perspective taking occurs
  • We provide experiential communication and conflict resolution learning to help resolve not only current, but future potential conflicts and disagreements
  • If you want to learn more about how RPM Consultant can assist in your organization, simply call us at 816-547-3143 and provide the particulars by phone.